Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Cleaning your makeup brushes is one of those tedious tasks that we all must do every once in a while. It's probably one of the things I hate most about playing with makeup, but it needs to be done none the less. Of course you could just neglect your brushes but doing so will cause your brushes to grow/ harbour bacteria. And no one I repeat NO ONE wants to be spreading bacteria across their face. Dirty makeup brushes can also cause breakouts, acne and even sensitivity. EWWWWWWWWW!
So I bet your wondering....'How long should I leave my brushes between washes?' Now don't freak out you don't need to be cleaning them everyday if you use them solely on yourself. But then again you don't want to be leaving them for weeks collecting dust. Usually you can tell when they need a good cleaning, the colour pay off from products isn't very good. The bristles are a little stiff and hard to work with leaving streaky lines when applying your makeup.
For me personally I like to deep clean them once every week using some baby shampoo. There's numerous brush cleaners out there be it high end or drug store but for me I just find that baby shampoo works. It's cheap *massive thumbs up*, easy to find it does the job cleaning and not to mention how soft it leaves them after. Plus the most important thing it's gentle on the the brushes! We don't want our £30, £40, £50 however much... brushes falling apart after a few washes now do we?! Love your brushes and they will love you back♥

This is how I wash my brushes :) 
  • First you want to wet your brushes with lukewarm water, make sure you only wet the bristles and do not get the water past the ferrule. (where the bristles come out) Getting water in the ferrule will cause the glue holding the bristles in place to fall apart leaving your brush useless ㅠ.ㅠ 

  • Put a small amount of baby shampoo about the size of a 10p onto your hand.

  • Swirl the brush in circular motions until the shampoo has lathered up I like to repeat this several time just to make sure all of the leftover product is out the brush. The easiest way to tell the foam will go white once the foam turns white you know your brush is clean.  

  • Once you've washed all the leftover product out the brush you want to rinse again with warm water. Remember don't let that water get past the ferrule! 
  • When the water runs clean  squeeze out all the excess water and lay flat to dry. If you have brush guards feel feel to pop them on to help them keep their beautiful shapes. WARNING...... Never leave your brushes to dry standing up! doing so will let water run down the ferrule destroying the glue. Also never dry your makeup brushes with a hair drier always leave them out to dry naturally. Putting heat on them will turn the bristles dry and brittle shortening their usage span.

   I hope my little tutorial on how I clean my brushes was useful to you:) 
If you liked it give me a comment below telling me what you use to clean your brushes. Maybe there is something out there even better than my good old trusty baby shampoo^^

Until next time 
bye bye x
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